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What is a forum?

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Many people are asking themselves what is an online forum and what is it for? The forum can have several names on the web: discussion forum, message board, online forum, internet forum, community website… However, it is a single online space that has the main role of allowing Internet users linked by the same subject to discuss with each other.

A forum is an online space for discussion and exchange that allows Internet users to come together in the form of a community of members. This way, forum members can post messages, share photos and videos, and send private messages. A forum can be a public or private online discussion space depending on the access permissions configured by its founder.

Unlike social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, the forums offer an organized space that makes it easy to find discussions. Indeed on social networks, a message is ephemeral and is quickly lost in the newsfeed that displays messages in chronological order. On a forum, topics are archived and grouped by category, forum or sub-forum. Just browse the forum to easily find any exchange. As a result, a forum is a place of structured exchange.

Online forums are often seen as very rich in information because they are messages published by Internet users who are passionate or have real expertise in the subject under discussion. This is the perfect type of website to get concrete answers to his questions.

In 2019, discussion forums have greatly improved and are no longer limited to the simple exchange of messages and other private messages. You can now chat live with other members, post ads, create events… The features of forums have evolved over time to adapt to new habits of users.

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